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- Data Collected by SeaCycler (2011-05-26)

Recent data collected by SeaCycler in 1100 metres of water off the coast of Nova Scotia

From April 16. to May 26. 2011 the development team at the Bedford Institute of Oceanography deployed the surface piercing profiler, SeaCycler, 250km southeast of Nova Scotia on a depth of 1100m for its second open ocean test. The SeaCycler operated continuosly during that time and profiled 644 times through the upper 150m of the ocean's water column on a single alkaline battery pack.

Map of Deployment SiteMeasurements are from the SBE52 sensor on the profiling instrument float, a SBE37-IM MicroCat at 294m depth below the winch float.

SeaCycler data courtesy of the SeaCycler development team. Wave height and meteorology measurements are from the Canadian East Scotia Slope Buoy 33nm south of the SeaCycler mooring provided courtesy of the National Data Buoy Center and the Integrated Science Data Management at Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO). Special thanks go to Christian Begler at Scripps Institution of Oceanography for his post-processing and presentation work. Displayed Date and Time in AST. Click image for larger version of chart.

May 2011 Salinity Data Graph
Salinity Profile from most-recent deployment

May 2011 Temperature Data Graph
Temperature Profile from most-recent deployment

May 2011 Sigma Data Graph
Density Profile (Sigma-Theta at 0 dbar) from most-recent deployment

May 2011 Oxygen Data Graph
Oxygen Profile from most-recent deployment

May 2011 CTD Data Graph
SBE37-IM MicroCat below the winch float at 294m depth

May 2011 Weather Data Graph
Nearby Wave Height and Meterological Measurements at Station 44137 - East Scotia Slope

May 2011 Battery Usage Graph
Battery Voltages from most-recent deployment

SeaCycler was developed jointly with the Bedford Institute of Oceanography, Ocean Physics Division and the Department of Fisheries and Oceans Canada.

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